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Our effective tracking & monitoring services designed with a robust technology
“Can Eliminate the Leaked Content And Protect Your Privacy, Reputation & Identity”

Are you facing any type of harassment from your former love interest or spouse through sharing of inappropriate images and videos? Are you a victim of blackmail or is there a threat to ruin your reputation? Well, there are a variety of ways that a scorned lover or close person might express their resentment, but in today’s era of digital dependence, revenge porn is becoming a tool of choice for many in their quest for vengeance.
You have every right to protect your private stuff without being exhibited, and we can help you with that. Third Eye’s technical team is filled with cyber-security professionals who are specialised in the process of Revenge Porn Removal.

What is Revenge Porn and why it is Utmost Important?

According to the government, Revenge Porn is defined as “the sharing of private, sexual materials, either photos or videos, of another person without their consent and with the purpose of causing embarrassment or distress.”
Considered as an illegal offense and punishable by law in most countries, Revenge Porn is usually uploaded and shared by former boyfriends, partners and spouses, whose sole intention is to seek revenge for a break up or other relationship issues. In an extreme case, the content can also be shared along with the personal details of the victim such as address, social media profile, phone number etc.
Surprisingly, there are over 2,000 revenge porn websites for perpetrators to utilize, along with the more traditional avenues, such as social media or simply forwarding the private images and videos directly to specific people, such as a victim’s parents, friends, or co-workers. The consequences of revenge porn can be devastating as the victim gets exposed to embarrassment on a large scale such as public humiliation, and even cyberstalking.
Nearly 95% of revenge porn victims suffer significant emotional distress, worrying about the damage to their reputation, career track, and whether family members will someday stumble across the content. This is a complex issue as copyright laws do not apply here. This is because the content distributor is also, usually, the content creator.
The best way to deal the situation is to utilise the revenge porn removal services offered by leading cyber-security agencies like Third Eye. By showing a proactive approach in dealing with the problem, the major objective will be to identify the content and eliminate it from the online world before it is too late. Though the law can mete out proper justice, the first priority is to remove the concerned content; something only an advanced revenge porn removal service can provide.

How Can Third Eye Help You Instantly?

Boarding a team of dedicated cyber-security professionals who specialise in revenge porn removal, Third Eye identifies the porn content and its host with immediate effect. Once identified, Third Eye will serve a DMCA takedown notice, forcing the uploader or distributor to eliminate the content. By using the tracking & monitoring service designed with robust technology, Third Eye makes sure that the content is blocked from search engines and the access is completely denied. By doing so, the further distribution of the content is stopped and restrained.

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