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Real Estate Intelligence

Real estate intelligence is most workable solutions to all the individual who intend to Purchase the property or intend to sell property.


The person/company/Bank who intends to purchase the property stands to be most insecure person in terms of any transactions.

The said person is bound to benefit if he has his own network of information.

As its an common phenomena that agent is bound to mislead the client for his self interest and always take all such precautions to hide the facts, which cannot be ascertained by normal civil enquiries.
The professional investigation and intelligence is extremely necessary.


This investigation experience deserves to be shared with the client.

Our client approached our bureau to ascertain the Purchase of Land in the out skirts of city. The details of all such land were furnished.

Our enquires reveled that actual owner of said property is missing and the person was impersonating to be owner of said property.

The most interesting part of this investigation was reveled when we actually identified the correct owner, who was not even aware of any property on his name.

The said details were furnished to client and finally, as per last information available this case has taken criminal and civil proceedings.

The client and owner have appreciated our bureau efforts and this case has become feather in the cap of this bureau.

Moreover their stands several instances several Banking and Financial institutions has become victims of frauds


  • Mail or letter of Investigation
  • Details of property if any with location survey number etc
  • Details of agent/agencies if any
  • Details of such contact if any
  • Documents of property if any
  • Advance/Full payment as per agreed terms and conditions to be paid in cash/cheque /Bank account.


For selling any property our bureau gather all the active intelligence pertaining the credibility of purchaser/ market value /pre-post market value assessment.

Assessment of real property value in terms or pre and post assessment and provide the genuine intelligence to enable client to form the correct decision on value.

Legal help in preparing of documents of sale


This service is originally become patent with NRI and almost every client has benefitted with our active real estate intelligence.

Our U.K based client approached our bureau to sell the ancestral property located in prime locality of Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Our bureau gathered active intelligence pertaining to status of property and provided the professional feedback.

The client has given us only 10 days to complete the transaction of sale on her arrival to country.

Our bureau contacted various real estate agents and individuals and finally prevailed upon the market as leader and was able to complete the transactions of Bangalore property within 3 days of their arrival with best deal.

Whereas the property in Hyderabad was purchased by our clients relatives with best deal as per our intelligence report.


We always suggest that before selling property one should have complete intelligence to market value and assessment otherwise the person is bound to loose in such transactions.

Our specialized service to Non-Residents Indians has become boon to their transactions and they solely rely on professional help to sell their properties on legal and active intelligence network to get the best deal for their properties.

They shall never enter any transactions just on basis of promises and information furnished by their relations and near ones.

Our bureau has taken the specialized unit for NRI who intend to invest in real estate and we shall glad to act as their eyes and ears in this country with all such legal advisory for their real estate investment.


In this cases time farm work ranges from 7 days to 10 days depending upon the clues complications and other factors.

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