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Third Eye Investigation has acquired a special niche in the private investigation industry across the country. Through our CSR initiatives, we strive hard to enhance value creation in the modern society and take complete responsibility towards our working environment, and the people who work & coexist in that environment.
As a socially responsible corporate with guidance from Senior Advocate Mr. Rajender Khanna as the legal advisor, Third Eye Investigation is caring for the well-being of the planet and actively contributing to the social and economic development of all communities in the society. This below policy outlines the social responsibility actions of the company.


“Our professional vision is to become the top-rated and most reputed Private Investigation firm in the country by providing quality, consistent & affordable services to patrons”
Regarding social reasonability, the company’s actions are divided into two segments; the first one refers to Third Eye’s commitment to legality and preparedness to take heed of values of the community while managing its business, and the second one is the company’s proactive effort to help the needy, community/environment and promote human rights.


  1. HIV/AIDS Initiatives
  2. Health Care & Security
  3. Beggar’s Rehabilitation
  4. Road Safety & Trauma
  5. Environmental Concern


The role of Corporate Social Responsibility and active involvement of private firms like Third Eye Investigation in response to HIV/AIDS epidemic has been gaining momentum in the country during the last few years. Third Eye is taking necessary measures to increase awareness of this deadly disease, and educate the concerned patients on the availability and accessibility of potent FDCs / Kits for adults and children. This process will improve adherence and facilitate a much better disease management.


Good health, wellness, safety and security are the essential things for all families in the modern society. And we care for that. Through various programs, Third Eye Investigation aims to provide quality healthcare facilities to underprivileged individuals & families and keep them safe & secure. With focus and detailed attention towards women safety & education, we work with child safety partners around the country to develop programs that educate teachers, parents, guardians and children on how to reduce risks of accident, abduction and abuse of women and children. We strive to protect women and children of the weaker sections so that they could prosper, thrive and succeed in the future.


Our team has been performing CSR activities with earnest interest and a strong desire to improve all sections of the society. Apart from Beggars’ Rehabilitation Programs, Third Eye is involved in activities like adoption of schools, uniforms & books supply to poor school kids, supply of benches and tables to schools, slum area development & many more


Third Eye has operated several campaigns to promote the cause of road safety in the country. It frequently organizes road safety awareness and safe riding programs for school/college students and other institutions in collaboration with traffic police, local administration and other transport-related departments. It also creates awareness on trauma care around highways and local roads in case of road accidents.


Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection & conservation of natural resources and maintaining the quality of soil, air and water. Third Eye is committed to providing medical aid and assistance in disaster-struck areas with free supply of food and clean drinking water to families, children and elderly. We’re pretty famous when it comes to CSR in disaster management. Preference shall be given to local area and areas around the Company for spending the amount earmarked for CSR.


Monitoring and Review CSR Committee of Third Eye Investigation shall oversee the policy execution and prepare monitoring mechanism to ensure implementation of the projects, programs and activities proposed to be undertaken by the Company as per the Policy. The CSR Policy shall be periodically reviewed and appropriately revised by the CSR Committee.

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